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Welcome To PassionCrane...
This site hosts a variety of fan translated mangas that piques our interest. All download links are uploaded to free file hosts for direct download. If there are any problems, you are welcome to contact us.

Fighting a battle
They keep rejecting my post because of my html crap. I didn't touch it at all. Dieeee.

Violinist of Hameln Volumes 8-10, Volume 19 Chapter 78, Volume 23 Chapters 94-96, Volume 24, Volume 25
Shibutani-kun Tomo no Kai Volumes 1-3, updated to current chapter

That's it for today~ Watch out for a new release soon. :D

Reviving myself

Funny how I'm more motivated to do things when the weather is a scorching 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Tina has been doing most of the uploading in the past few months, but now I'm replacing the links for Violinist of Hameln. :) So for today's update

Violinist of Hameln Volume 1-Volume 7, Volume 18 Chapter 74

You will find that some of them are volume downloads and some are chapters. The reason being is that some of the volumes were too big to upload and if they got canceled halfway, I would be wasting uploading time. Woo. We are also looking for new manga to upload as soon as we are done updating everything, which should be soon (^.^') . You will also notice that the download links will have an intermission page, but you can skip it. We just need to have that in-between link to generate revenue. The hard earned revenue by all of you will go to our friends' scanlation site so they can buy more lovely manga. Yay.

Done with plugging, moving on to uploading concerns. Do any of you want us to upload anywhere else besides Badongo and Savefile? In the past, we tried 4shared, megaupload, and a whole bunch of other sites. We found that Badongo had clean pages without needing much hassle to go to the download link, etc. Suggestions? If you want to suggest other manga uploads, please do! Just keep in mind that the scanlation group itself will allow us. Toodles~

Edit: I forgot to mention! If you discover any broken links for anime, please tell us. :o Don't suffer in silence.

Uploads for Oinari, Monochrome, and Soul Eater :].
I lied.
And whatcha gonna do about it? Neener, neener D:. Just kidding. But I really did lie, and I'm sorry =(. I haven't updated for a few days... *smacks self*

I promised about the manga but I've been lazy =x. So, that is to say, there's no new manga updates... *whistles* oh look a butterfly...

But for that, we must thank Wilson for he's uploaded a lot of anime these past few days. *Bows down to him* And they are...!

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, Lovely Complex [Complete], Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro [Complete], Monochrome Factor, Spice and Wolf [Complete], Soul Eater, Sumomomo Momomo [Complete], Video Girl Ai [Complete], Vampire Knight, and Wagaya no Oinari-sama. There is also the movie Mononoke Hime :). Part 2 is missing because I ate it :(. But I'll have it fixed by tomorrow (hopefully).

Hope you guys enjoy the series... cause most of what Wilson uploads are series that he and I both watch :), so basically it's our picks!

BTW, if there's any kind souls out there, could you please try to help us keep our links alive by downloading, or simply visiting the link and hitting download but not download? XD. Thank you if you do, because everything takes a long time to upload so don't let the hard work go to waste :).

Also, if there are any problems or broken links, please e-mail us, tag the board, or leave a comment and I'll try my best to get to it :D. Much love <3.
Updates Tomorrow
I'm really sorry guys. I was supposed to update the other night as well as yesterday but I was too tired to wait for the computer. There won't be any updates tonight either, so I'm very apologetic. But for sure, tomorrow will have some updates. I just wanted to make this announcement to show that we're still alive XD. At present I'm very, very tired because of a concert, so I'm going to turn in the for the night.
I think my computer's going to explode from so much uploading XP. Even though I haven't made any updates, I've been working behind the scenes reuploading broken files, adding new files, updating pages, etc. First, let's get down to business with our affys :3.

The new affiliates are: Aisuru, Neonmonsoon, AegisAura, Zoushea, and Goldlily!
I'm extremely happy that so many people still want to be affiliated to this old fogey site XP.

Next comes our -revived- section! For those of you who remember, yeap, it's the anime section! Unfortunately we don't have our old series uploaded right now, but we'll get to that in the future :). For now, enjoy the couple of series that our new staff member Wilson uploaded! Cheers to him :D. And to not let his hard work go to waste, hurry over and download before the links expire :3.

Finally comes the update regarding the manga. After some serious pruning, the following series have been found to be licensed and were dropped (if they weren't already): Disgaea, Fate/Stay Night, Ga-Rei, Phantom Dream, Shakugan no Shana, Tetragrammaton Labyrinth, Vampire Juuji Kai, and Yurara no Tsuki. As a side, Love Berrish and Star Blacks were also dropped, because I said so =x.

So now our list has shrunk considerably. After we're done reuploading our current series, we'll probably add more manga to host. So for now, just hang on tight with us as we try our best to get back onto our feet :).

And as for our current manga, I've fixed broken links and added most recent files for: Ciel, Cosmo na Bokura, Dear, Five, Happy & Murphy, Hataraki Man, Ikenai Navigation, Jinjya no Susume and Kira Kira Labyrinth. I'm working my way down so don't worry about the other series; we'll get to it. For those of you who are waiting for Violinist, Wenge will have all the links fixed and recent chapters up by a few days.

Probably in a hour or two I'll be back to update the rest of the stuff that I'm uploading right now XP. Hopefully once everything's done, people will come visit PassionCrane again :).

Peace out boys and gals :D ~Tina
Idling Time Away
I hate to admit it but I haven't done much for the site today, except go through the e-mail. If all goes well, you will see a few new affiliates :). Speaking of affiliates, I've updated the page and took out links for sites that don't seem operational anymore. If you are our affiliate and you don't see yourself on the list, drop us an e-mail and I'll get to it. As with the update, we have a new affiliate: Naruto Legends. It's a fairly new site and even I'm not sure what it's about, but it just sounds fun :). Check it out when you have time.

Hopefully within the next few days I'll be able to get a few things done. I'm not sure what manga we will be keeping, dropping, or adding. I've yet to discuss with Wenge so this may take a while.

I can't make any promises on how long it'll take for this site to be up and running in its full glory but I hope it'll be done in another week or so. Cross your fingers and pray to the manga god.

edit: Updated and moved Cat and Bird to completed section. I checked all links and they're functional. Starting tomorrow I'll begin reuploading and adding new chapters for our current series. Licensed series will also be filtered out tomorrow.

- Tina
It's been a while
Hey everyone, whoever still comes here anyways. It's been quite a long time since we've both last updated. As Wenge said in the her post, which was... wow, 7 months ago, we've been neglecting the site.

It's been about... 3 years since we've both joined the manga hosting community, and I'm happy to see that compared to 3 years ago, sharing manga with others has become very popular. In the past I only remember there being a few scanlation groups as well as only a few hosting sites, and I had to scavenge through the web to obtain the mangas I wanted because I couldn't use mIRC. The manga sharing community has multiplied by a lot, and I mean a lot. There are many sites out there who host over 100+ series of mangas. In the past, the list of manga on this site could be considered a lot, but now it's considered very little.

Probably by what I'm saying it sounds like we're going to shut down but, that's not it XD. What I'm trying to get to is that we're going to start hosting manga that really takes our interest, which means we're going to host our most favorite manga. In the past we hosted mainly shoujo because that's what the majority of readers read, and people had trouble obtaining those files. But now that there are a lot of sites out there obtaining files should be quite easy.

There will be some changes to the list in the next few days, and it could either shorten or lengthen depending on what we may decided to host and not host. For the series that we do host, though, we'll try our best to update it as quickly as possible when it is released, unless there are policies restraining us from doing so.

The reason for all of this is because of our time constraint. Hopefully in the future it'll ease up so we may have more time to work with the site.

And also, hope you enjoy the new layout :).

P.S It's ironic how today is April's Fool too, haha. Rest assured though, this post is not a joke and we are definitely getting the site back on gear.

With much love -- Tina